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Mind-Body Training Tools - Heart Rate Variability Module

The Heart Rate Variability (HRV) biofeedback application is built on powerful and innovative measures of heart rate coherence not available in any other software.

  • The application monitors both breathing and heart rate, offering much richer feedback than products based on heart rate alone.
  • Coherence Score - calculated by relating heart rate changes to the breath turning points, giving a more responsive measure than more common spectral-analysis based measures (see graphic below).
  • Phase Synchrony - a measure of the time lag between the breath and the "heart wave" - when the two are tightly coupled synchrony score is low.
  • Breath is monitored via temperature of breathed air (more reliable than belts) and Heart Rate via either ECG or PPG (finger sensor).
  • Reliable and accurate calculation of breathing rate and inhalation to exhalation ratio.
  • Highly configurable audio feedback options, including breathing tone, midi and threshold-based, designed to support mindfulness practice.
HRV biofeedback graph

In the graphic above, notice how the breath (green trace, upper chart) suddenly changes rhythm, at the right of the chart. The Coherence Score (yellow trace, lower chart) responds rapidly, dropping to zero.


"Learning to use the Mind-Body Training Tools HRV application is providing me with an entire range of very useful tools to use in pursuing improved HRV performance and exercising the baroreceptor reflex. I particularly enjoy the various types of feedback you can do with your eyes closed. Other devices I have (the HeartMath EmWave, and Heart Tracker from Biocom) offer none of these options. The BioTrace software by Nexus (also with gorgeous graphics) is the closest in my personal experience, but does not win the prize, because the forms of feedback are more limited, and it costs several thousands of dollars."

- Gordon MacLean, licensed psychologist, USA     Read full

HRV Analysis - Data Collection Application

The HRV module also contains a simple application to record inter-beat interval (IBI) data for use with analysis applications such as the free Kubios HRV software.


Video Introduction to the HRV application

HRV Application User Guide

HR Data Collection User Guide

HRV application sample session report

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